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Why Bridgeport XR1000 is Leagues Ahead of the Competition

February 27, 2023 - Blog
Hardinge's Bridgeport XR1000 vertical milling center

Whether you’re machining simple workpieces, quality molds and dies, or complex prismatic parts, the American-made, high-performance, Bridgeport XR1000 vertical milling center serves as the definitive choice for your operation and is the gold standard of VMCs industry wide. Compared to the competition, the XR1000 handily outperforms all others on value, performance, standard and optional equipment, setup times, and ease-of-use.

For the most demanding jobs, the large work envelope and sturdy, rigid 15,400 lb. C-frame architecture of the XR1000 comes into its own. With a table load capacity of 2,200 lbs.; travel distance of 40.16” on the X-axis and 24” on the Y and Z-axes; optional IPM rapids of 1,890 (X&Y) and 1,417 (Z); Linear HRS/roller guideways; and 45 x 45 x 45mm ball screw size, it single handily beats the competition on every front. An available 29.5 HP AC motor facilitates up to 140 ft/lbs. of torque, making the XR1000 ideal for cutting through the most exotic materials like titanium and nimonics (nickle-based alloys). To minimize floorspace, the XR1000 again undercuts the competition, taking up a minimal 105” x 120” x 112” of floor space.


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An impressive capacity of 30 tools with an industry-leading tool change time of 1.5T/3.5CC seconds allows the XR1000 to be outfitted for numerous applications, minimizing the need for manual tool changes on complex jobs, while standard thermal compensation, a 110V accessory outlet, LED smartlight, and power cabinet lighting create a complete package to facilitate an optimal operational environment. A standard-equipped touchscreen with FANUC OiMF Plus control has been specifically designed to minimize the barrier of entry for new users, while giving even greater control over all machining parameters than ever before. No other competitor comes close to the 15” TFT full-color display, a highlight feature of the XR1000 that remains unavailable on competing machines. Taking full advantage of the FANUC OiMF Plus control and offering extended connectivity, the XR1000 is equipped with USB, PCMCIA and ethernet gateways out of the box, with optional Ethernet RI/ MT Connect/Spare M Codes as options.

Taking full advantage of the FANUC OiMF Plus control system, the XR1000 is prewired for an optional Renishaw Combo Part/Tool and is equipped with a CAT 40 BIG Plus direct drive spindle featuring air/oil ceramic bearing lubrication, standard through spindle coolant, and through spindle air to facilitate optional speeds of up to 15,000 RPM—maximizing cutting capacity, reducing cycle times, and dramatically improving efficiency.

From the simplest jobs to the most complex applications, nothing beats the Bridgeport XR1000. Its extensive list of standard and optional equipment cements it as the industry standard amongst vertical machining centers. Its versatility and impressive capabilities coupled with American-made precision and quality make it the most obvious choice for any shop looking for a versatile and capable machine at an unbeatable price.


View the Bridgeport XR1000 Today!